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SozoTek enables wireless carriers to immediately improve customer satisfaction, increase usage, bolster sales, and enhance their service quality reputation within the emerging wireless imaging market place.

Benefits Offered by SozoTek

  • Image quality improvement for all handsets and displays
    SozoTek’s highly advanced image assessment and improvement technology works with any digital image, regardless of the camera phone type, compression process, or resolution.
  • New revenue opportunities
    SozoTek image enhancement solutions can be offered as a value-added, additional per-use or subscription service to users, or as an across-the-board quality improvement process resulting in increasing levels of photo taking and sharing, improved customer satisfaction, and greater sales.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and brand reputation
    SozoTek enables wireless carriers to immediately improve camera phone user satisfaction levels, increasing the carrier’s quality brand and reputation. Users now can proudly share photos taken with camera phones, confident that the image shared will be great-looking.
  • One-click photos and applications
    SozoTek offers a highly versatile phone client Push2Pix that can be optionally downloaded to facilitate a one step, click-and-send process that enhances the ease of use for the customer. It also offers an assured delivery feature that confirms image delivery and auto-deletes the image from the camera-phone, providing an unlimited roll of film.

Features Offered by SozoTek

  • Ready-to-deploy for immediate improvement to images
    SozoPix technology is designed for easy integration and rapid deployment. Because our image enhancement process works with all camera-phone images, the technology can be launched immediately. No change to handset functionality or user interface(s) is required.
  • Flexible deployment options and seamless integration
    SozoTek provides carriers the ability to offer better wireless images through several usage options: a complete end-to-end system from handset to final output; an Internet-accessible ASP service model; or through server software integration into any carrier network or architecture or data system. The SozoPix solution is designed for easy integration with a wireless carrier’s system architecture and associated imaging services: MMSC, WAP gateways, SMTP pops, e-mail servers, billing systems, third-party content providers, reporting systems, and customer care. SozoPix allows users to enjoy high quality images via MMS or e-mail without disrupting the process flow.
  • High performance, flexible and reliable server-based solution
    SozoTek’s highly advanced image assessment and perfection technology works with any digital image, and as a server-based solution, is designed for the maximum performance and high reliability requirements of carrier-class solutions.

If you are interested in learning how SozoTek can immediately enhance your wireless imaging service offers, please click here.

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