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SozoTek enables camera phone users to have better-quality pictures than the phone generates itself! Our team has decades of experience in photo image quality improvement and wireless technologies and is uniquely positioned to launch a new chapter in the exciting world of wireless imaging.

SozoTek provides a complete end-to-end solution that is designed to improve digital image quality and launch complementary applications. Our primary focus on image quality has allowed us to create market-leading, much-needed image perfection technologies for the rapidly emerging global camera phone market.

The highly advanced SozoPix solution

  • Automatically analyzes and detects image deficiencies.
  • Instantly corrects image problems through revolutionary, patented image perfection software
  • Easily deployed as a web-based service addition to a carrier or service providerís imaging services, or fully-integrated into the image process flow of any network-based architecture
  • Backward/ forward compatible with camera phones in use today and with emerging devices around the globe
  • Allows increased compression of megapixel images without damaging image quality for continued wireless transport.
  • Controllable output enhancement process allows tuning for unique quality requirements of vertical applications such as digital signatures, barcode images, text and low-resolution monochrome images.

Potential Opportunities

  • Wireless Carrier Value-Added Services
  • Photo Print Services
  • On-Line Image Services, including Albums, Sharing, M-Blogs, Publishing
  • End User Specialized Uses, including Print-to-Postcards, On-Line Auction Sites, Image Retail Products
  • Enterprise Vertical Uses, including Real Estate Marketing and Record Permanence, Insurance Claims & Contents Documentation, Inspection Services, Transportation & Logistics, Security

SozoTek image enhancement solutions are available as value-added services for wireless imaging service providers, or integrated into exciting new consumer and enterprise applications. If you'd like to know more, or are interested in working with us to develop new uses for SozoPix-perfected camera phone images, please click here.

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