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Technology Overview

SozoTek offers an end-to-end solution with unrivaled imaging improvement and usability solutions through its suite of software and services. The SozoPix Image Perfection™ is a server-based system that is designed specifically to address wireless images and their unique problems. The result is instant, greatly improved image quality.

Today’s camera phone image correction solutions have very basic tools – such as contrast and brightness and were developed for older digital photography purposes. They do not address the unique problems in wireless images created by camera phones and the wireless transport. As a result, these solutions fall far short of improving image quality. SozoPix is the only solution that addresses deficiencies in camera phone images caused by incorrect color balance, noise, artifacts introduced during compression of images, scene balance and loss of shadow/highlight details. All of this is achieved without any human interaction thereby enhancing ease-of-use for the user, and the service reputation of the provider.

The arrival of mega pixel camera phones has been heralded as a solution to this problem. Unfortunately, in addition to the higher cost of these devices, the large image file sizes they generate demand increased compression to facilitate network transmission. Higher compression further damages the image by introducing artifacts and loss of color information. Besides, they also have several of the quality issues that we see in the current generation camera phones caused by inadequate light and lens size. SozoTek not only corrects for the quality deficiencies of megapixel images, but its remarkable ability to improve highly-compressed images with no apparent loss of quality facilitates increased usage of mega-pixel camera phones by allowing these images to be sent over today’s wireless networks.

SozoTek’s advanced image assessment and enhancement system works with any digital image. The image is decompressed using a patented algorithm on the SozoPix server, analyzed for deficiencies, enhanced using patented image improvement technology, and intelligently recompressed before retransmission. The SozoPix solution is designed for easy integration with the wireless carrier’s or the application provider’s system architecture and associated imaging services: MMSC, WAP gateways, SMTP pops, e-mail servers, billing systems, third-party content providers, reporting systems, and customer care. SozoPix allows users to enjoy high quality images via MMS or e-mail without disrupting the process flow.

A highly versatile Push2Pix™ phone client can be optionally downloaded to the device in order to greatly simplify lengthy menu processes for taking and sending images, or to launch specialized imaging applications. Working with the SozoPix server, the flexible Push2Pix client enables a vast array of quick-to-launch, exciting new consumer and enterprise camera phone applications. The intelligent phone client can also identify the originating handset thereby, allowing for more customized corrections based on the input device.

The SozoPix system is a highly flexible solution that requires no change to the device and is therefore backward and forward compatible with all camera phones available in the market. It achieves better quality images with no change in the image resolution. The efficient server-based solution is architected to be highly scalable, allowing its use in any environment, enterprise to carrier-class.

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